Activity: Sailing

Sailing with the Trust happens in four main ways...


1. Challenger Dinghies

The challenger is a high performance boat with a central hull and two out rigged floats, these boats are very stable in all conditions. All controls are routed to the cockpit making it simple to sail. These boats can be fitted with Buddy seats so instructors can accompany if required or a brother, sister or parent can accompany the sailor. These can be sailed competitively and are less susceptible to stronger winds than our other fleet


2. Hansa Dinghies

We also have nine specialist Hansa dinghies in our fleet. These are all designed for sailors with disabilities, but can equally well be sailed by anyone, young or old. We have single-handed boats and double-handed boats. The single-handed boats have different seating: some have deck chair type seats, and others have hard chair seats. According to your needs, we'll select a boat that suits you. All boats have a large keel, making them very stable and safe on the water. We can adjust the sails on all our boats such that we can sail under almost any wind conditions.

Double-Seated Hansa

3. Double-Seated Hansa Dinghies

Very similar to our single-handed Hansa dinghy is our double-seated Hansa. This offers the same sail adjustment and keel for stability, but is a larger boat. Our 303 Wide version also has an extra sail. Although larger, these boats are just as stable as the smaller ones and can be sailed by two children or adults together, or any combination and are a more technical boat to sail


4. Coypu Dinghy

The Coypu dinghy, ours is called The Fat Rat is a very stable traditional Broads type boat, it is great for families to go out with an instructor and enjoy the full sailing experience. This boat is very popular with our families and our Captain Rat sails them around the 130 acres of water